Pro Wrestling Fit "Life On Atttack 2" Review Puroresu and Lucha Libre

Pro Wrestling Fit(PWF) is one of a few wrestling promotions in South Korea. PWF founded in 2014.

They held monthly basis GYM(it is called Dream Storage) event that called 'Supernova'. Only 25 people is available capacity.

"Insaeng GongGyuk"(LIFE ON ATTACK) is simply PWF version of 'Wrestlemania. They held first "Life On Attack" show at April 27, 2014. First Life On Attack event was a success. They recorded its highest attendance.(238) Kagetora and K-ness from Dragon Gate appeared at the show. Kagetora was main eventing with PWF's founder also PWF interim LOTW champion at that time 'Dr.Monz' Namsuk Kim. Namsuk Kim defeated Kagetora to become the first PWF LOTW Champion.

They had comic book style character, doll wrestler, mask wrestler. Also they usually booked gimmicky matches like battle royal with wearing maid coustume, talk battle, ugliest guy contest. This promotion basically feels like Korean version of DDT or CHIKARA.

They event was set to be headlined by Matt Sydal. Matt Sydal's brother Mike Sydal wrestled at PWF earlier of this year.(June 20th, 2015 'Supernova 20')

This event held in October 3th, 2015 at Crossfit Pungryu.

Kookjin Gong(famous pro wrestling blogger in Korea. He did ring announcer job at this live event) and Namhoon Kim(He is korean commentator of UFC and WWE RAW. He wrestled in this event) did voice over commentary.

1st Match

[Life On Attack Tournament Semi Final 1]

"Mad One" Dong-Hyuk Park vs. New Lil D

Mad One is relatively one of the experienced wrestler in PWF.(debut in January 2014) He is a promising wrestler despite his short height(5ft 7). New Lil D is not human, another doll wrestler like YOSHIHIKO. A self-claimed 125kg heavyweight high-flyer doll. Commentary and the crowd all buying into New Lil D character. Commentator Namhoon Kim said that New Lil D was originally human who went through extreme practice and he became the doll.  I think it would be inevitably comedy style match because of this silly chacracter. Match itself was surprisingly solid. Mad One carried match so well with his great selling. The match started out with very tight collar and elbow tie-up and rope work. Mad one dominated middle of the match with some high-impact moves like lawn dart. New Lil D started comeback and did some crazy high-flying moves like hurricanerana and moonsault plancha. Also had intense(?) forearm battle ended with Mad One's rolling elbow. At the end of the match Mad One countered New Lil D's moonsault with air-catch backcracker and wins the match via top rope mad bottom(basically same move with rock bottom).(10:20) Really enjoyable opener. It has loads of great spots that high-impact style opening matches should be. **3/4.

2nd Match

[Life On Attack Tournament Semi Final 2]

"Dirty Sexy" Uncle vs. Subin Kim

Both wrestlers are newcomer. Uncle likes exactly dirty sexy things. He debut in May, 2015. Subin Kim is the very newcomer in of the wrestling world and this is only his second match of the carrer. His debut match opponent is also Uncle. He lost to Uncle in his debut match So, It could be his revenge. Subin Kim wants to get pin via flurry of pinning combination but, he failed. Uncle shoulder tackled subin and cornered subin. Uncle has pretty impressive chop. Uncle  showed his chracter by tapping subin's butt before suplexing him. Subin avoided Uncle's corner lariat. He hits jumping kick and jumping forearm for two. Uncle hits nice STO and tried to suplex subin again but, subin's lightning(also little bit sloppy) Japanese leg roll, cover 1-2-3!! Subin surprisingly wins in his second match of the carrer! (4:12) This match contains only basic moves because they are really green. Sloopy version of New Japan's Young Lion's singles match. *3/4.

3rd Match

[PWF The Lord Of The Chaos(LOTC) Championship]

Lord of the Chaos is Chaos Rule unlimited weight Championship according to PWF. Simply this is PWF version of WWF Hardcore title without 24/7 rule.

Bad Lil Subji(C) vs. Gabai Ji-Chan(from Kyushu Proresu) vs. Namhoon Kim

Gabai Ji-Chan means(Japanese) "great old man". He weighted 50kg. He was born in late 19C(Meiji Restoration era) He walked slow with his stick but, without stick he wrestles at full speed. Namhoon Kim is a veteran wrestler. He works as heel. At the start of the match, the arena resonated with voice-over narration. Bad Lil Subji said that he had bombed equipment in his waist after beating from Namsuk Kim by Fu*kage piledriver. He can fight only for 3 minutes. And lights out! Gabai and Bad Lil Subji stopped. Crowds turn on their flash on the phone. That scene remind of Bray Wyatt or Jimmy Jacob's entrance. Namhoon Kim suggested impromptu Rock, Paper, Scissors. Namhoon Kim wins. So, he chopped Bad Lil Subji. And he hesitated before hitting Gabai by very weak chop. Rock, Paper, Scissors between Bad Lil Subji and Namhoon Kim again! Bad Lil Subji chopped Namhoon two consecutive times. Namhoon Kim wins and he copied Roman Reigns' Superman punch! Bad Lil Subji dodged and poked in the Namhoon's eyes. Subji hits some sloppy high-flying moves. Gabai and Subji tried to double teamed Namhoon. Gabai's corner running is too slow to hit Namhoon. Namhoon Kim did live commentary at the outside of the ring. Gabai uses his stick so wisely. He used Subji's head as Golf ball. Gabai tried very slow old-school. Subji countered easily, so Gabai lost his stick when he fell down to the canvas! Gabai suddenly hits busaiku knee!! Bodyslammed Subji!! Subji escaped gabai's powerbomb and bodyslammed him. But, Subji's bombed equipment time has expired. Subji started fall down. Gabai irishwhipped Namhoon and Subji. Namhoon passed stick to Gabai! That's slow him down again! Gabai wisely passed stick to Namhoon!! Dropkick to Namhoon! Slingshot plancha by Gabai! Back to the ring. Gabai hits lariat and choke slam! Cover 1,2... No, He wants to ended this match via his finish! Gabaiton Bomb! Namhoon breaks pin. Namhoon Kim low blows Gabai and finished Subji with gutwrench suplex and tanjania back drop. It isn't good at all wrestling-wise. Nevertheless, I throughly enjoyed this match because of their smart character development. (12:06) **1/2

After the match new champion said..

"Finally, LOTC champions comes to right guy. I have a solution to keep this belt for a long time. I won't wrestle for six months! I wil only wrestle if PWF and PWF fans give to me champion treatment special pay. I will hold an auction event to find out value of this championship. It will be paid event. Beer is free.(this event never happened) I promise to increase the value of LOTC championship as 42 years old champion!"

4th Match

[Life On Attack Tournament Final]

"Mad One" Dong-Hyuk Park vs. Subin Kim

They traded basic moves at the start of the match. Mad One hits rapid spear after fast paced rope work. Mad One controlled middle of the match. Subin suplexed Mad One. But, he can't keep that momentum. Mad One give provocation by slapping and forearming Subin's head again and again. He hits high impact moves like Slingshot Spear. Finally Subin made a comeback with a flurry of pinning combination. Mad One countered Subin's japanese leg roll into Mad Sleeper Hold. Subin gets the rope. Subin gets nearfall by Samson Clutch. Subin hits flying forearm only gets 2. Subin avoided Mad One's dropkick. Boston Crab by Subin! Mad One gets the rope. 10 Hammerings at the corner from Subin. Mad One sliped and hits corner running spear. Codebreaker! Mad One slammed Subin with Mad Bottom. Mad One Wins. (13:36) Wrestling itself was best on this show so far. They had sweet and simple chain wrestling early and Mad One carried the match so well again. But, there is some sloppy action and transition. Near 14 minutes match is too much to Subin. **3/4

Main Event

[PWF The Lord Of The World(LOTW) Championship]

Loard of the world is +90kg heavyweight championship according to PWF.

"God Monz" Namsuk Kim(C) w/Uncle & Bad Lil Subji vs. Matt Sydal

Definitely this is one of the most anticipated match in Korean Wrestling history. God Monz is the leader of PWF's heel stable RBG.(God Monz, Uncle and Bad Lil Subji) Monz comes out with his stablemates. Commentator mentioned that God Monz is Namsuk's dark personal like Keiji Mutoh's Great Muta. Very tight collar and elbow/lock up started. They showed great agility in fantastic rope work that ended with Sydal's hurricanerana! Sydal hits high spinning heel kick!! Crowd began chanting "This is awesome!". Yes, Korean wrestling fans are familiar with US wrestling fan culture. God Monz gets cheap shot, but Sydal quickly drop to hold to trip up Namsuk. Sydal is keep attacking Monz's leg. Uncle at the outside grabs Sydal's leg when he runs the rope. Sydal plancha to the Uncle and Bad Lil Subji! Monz goes to the apron and superkicks Sydal's head. God Monz uses some shenanigans. Sydal tries to comeback with chops and high angle rolling sole butt!! Monz lariats Sydal to kill his momentum! Monz blocked Sydal's standing moonsault and gets nearfall! Another this is awesome chant. Monz throws sydal to the corner!! Another nearfall. Sydal escapes modified bodyscssiors headlock. Finally no touch frankensteiner from Sydal explded!! Strike exchange. Sydal's beautiful headscissors whip! Sydal hits wonderful standing moonsault for two. Third this is awesome chant erupted! Sydal hits Slice!! Sydal climbs the rope, but Monz stands up and distracts Sydal. Sydal kicks him and tries Shooting Star Press... Monz avoided! Monz uses refree to hit low blow!!! High angle brianbuster!! Monz gets only 2!! Sydal ducked superkick and hits jumping kick!! Brutal Jumping Knee!! Sydal landed Shooting Star Press onto Monz!! Cover 1-2-3!!! Matt Sydal became 2nd PWF LOTW Champion! (15:20) Fantastic main event!! Amazing action that rarely seen in Korean Pro Wrestling was here! Sydal and Monz showed nice chemistry altough it feels like Sydal carried this match. Monz uses heel antics wisely. The only minor problem of this match is lack of leg selling from Monz in the middle of the match. ***3/4

After the match God Monz grabs the mic. This is first time we heard his voice(as God Monz). He said...

"Hey, Hey! I lost... am I lost? you guys... know about this? Yeah, NEXT TIME MY TIME!(PWF version of Money In The Bank) When I shouted 'NEXT TIME! MY TIME!' I can cashing in anywhere! Refree! NEXT TIME! MY TIME!"

[PWF The Lord Of The World(LOTW) Championship]

Matt Sydal(C) vs. "God Monz" Namsuk Kim

God Monz hits Sydal with NTMT briefcase!! Refree talked about this match to staff. RBG members are lynching Sydal. Crowds chant "This is bullshit!". Yes, We are familiar with US wrestling fan culture. Sydal started comeback with flurry of strikes!! Sydal dodged belt shot and hits fisherman buster!! Cover 1-2! Sydal climbs top rope.. but, RBG members distracted him!! Monz hits lift-crash bomb(choke bomb)!! Only 2! Fu*kage piledriver from Monz! He became LOTW Champion again! (1:56) I thinks it's good angle to strengthen Monz and RBG's heel character.

After the match Sydal said "Don't forget. I kicked your ass! And Don't forget the belt!" He said it doesn't mean anything with guys like you.

"Why don't you just back off that silly mask?"

Sydal said this has been absolutely amazing and thanked to fans. He showed everything he had. He promised to return better than ever. He doesn't care about Monz bring his whole army with him. Because he will walk out as champion!

Overall, it was surprisingly fun hour of wrestling. In other words, I much regret that I didn't watch the show in person. Definitely, There is bags of room for improvement. You can say it isn't a good show wrestling-wise becuase main event is only real good match in this show. But They showed their own poential to rise. They had silly or gimmicky but preety fun characters, nice storyline and few of promising wrestlers. I'm still skeptical about future of Korean pro wrestling business . But, I hope they change my mind.


You can see more of PWF information on their official website( or their official twitter( It is all Korean site so you'll struggle to read articles. You can see some of PWF footage at their YouTube page.( As far as I know DVD isn't available in other countries currently. If you are really intersted in their DVD or the other things you can contact to this e-mail.(

Quick results:

Tournament Semi Final 1 : Mad One def. New Lil D

Tournament Semi Final 2 : Subin Kim def. Uncle

Lord Of The Chaos Championship : Namhoon Kim def. Bad Lil Subji(C) and Gabai Ji-Chan

Tournament Finals : Mad One def. Subin Kim

Lord Of The World Championship : Matt Sydal def. God MonzC)

Lord Of The World Championship : God Monz def. Matt Sydal(C)


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