Beyond Wrestling "Greatest Rivals Round Robin" Review North America and UK Indy

Greatest Rivals Round Robin is literally Greatest Rivals Round Robin tournament. Biff Busick, who is going to go to WWE NXT very soon, is set to meet his greatest rivals of his carrer in the Round Robin tournament. Drew Gulak is definitely Busick's logest rival. Their first meeting is back in 2012 at Beyond Wrestling Swarmp Sessions.(2012) They had 11 singles match before this show. Accidentally, They each other were winning 5 times. One match was time limit draw. Eddie Edwards is the Busick's greatest rival. They have faced each other only in Beyond Wrestling.(Except tag matches) They had many great matches. In the previous 4 singles matches, each of those had 2 wins and 2 losses. Timothy Thatcher is Busick's newst rival. They faced each other for the first time at April 13th, 2014 at Beyond Wrestling Secret show. Since that time, they have faced each other 6 times with each winning 3 matches. So, All matches are set to be rubber match for Busick and his rivals. It is pefect set-up to send busick to WWE NXT. 

더 그레이티스트 라이벌스 오브 라운드 로빈은 말 그대로 최고의 라이벌들간의 라운드 로빈 토너먼트입니다. WWE NXT로의 진출이 확정된 상태였던 비프 뷰직의 커리어에서 빼놓을 수 없는 최고의 라이벌들이 라운드 로빈 토너먼트에서 만나는 것이죠. 드류 굴락은 단연 뷰직의 가장 오래된 라이벌입니다. 두 선수는 비욘드 레슬링의 2012년도 라이브쇼 Swarmp Sessions에서 처음 만났고 이 쇼가 펼쳐지기 전까지 11차례의 싱글매치를 가졌습니다. 공교롭게도 두 선수는 5승씩을 기록했고 한 경기는 20분 시간제한 무승부였습니다. 에디 에드워즈는 뷰직의 최고의 라이벌입니다. 두 선수는 오직 비욘드 레슬링에서만 싱글매치를 가졌고 만날 때마다 명승부였습니다. 이전의 4차례의 경기동안 서로 2승 2패를 기록했습니다. 티모씨 댓쳐는 가장 최근에 뷰직의 라이벌이 된 선수입니다. 두 선수는 2014년 4월 13일 비욘드 레슬링의 비공개쇼에서 처음으로 맞붙은 이후로 6차례 맞붙어서 3승씩을 나눠가졌습니다. 즉, 모든 경기는 뷰직과 그의 라이벌들간의 러버 매치로 펼쳐지게 된 상황입니다. 참 라이벌들끼리 이렇게 승/패를 똑같이 나눠갖기도 힘든데... 신기할 정도로 기록상으로도 라이벌관계를 유지했던 뷰직 vs. 에드워즈/굴락/댓쳐입니다. 이보다 더 환상적일 수 없을 정도의 뷰직을 위한 고별무대가 마련되었습니다.

1. Round Robin #1 : Biff Busick vs. Drew Gulak

This show is all about Busick. I thought he should be in opening and main event spot. This was perfect way to open the show in that way. Fine storytelling here. They each have advantage over each other. Drew Gulak is great at Chain/Mat wrestling aspect. Biff Busick is better at hard-hitting aspect. In the end, Drew Gulak fell into Busick's game and Biff Busick finally half nelson suplexed Gulak and gets tap out from him via Choke. It is not their best match of all their 12 matches. Still, it is damn good.


2. Round Robin #2 : Eddie Edwards vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is their's second encounter. First match between these two was back in February, 2013 at Pro Wrestling Bushido. Timothy Thatcher defeated Eddie Edwards in that match. The match slowly built around with scientific mat wrestling. It was another nice mix of mat Wrestling and hard-hitting. This told a better story than opening match. Edwards was trying to work Thatcher's leg and Thatcher was trying to work Edwards's arm. They each got the nearfall from high-impact strike. The finish was fantastic.  


3. David Starr vs. Rory Gulak

데이빗 스타의 원래 상대는 닉 게이지였으나 닉 게이지가 또 다시 감옥에 들어가게 되면서 로리 굴락이라는 실망스러운 상대가 닉 게이지를 대신하게 되었습니다. 놀랍게도 꽤 재밌는 경기였습니다. 이 쇼의 템포를 잘 바꿔주었죠. 로리 굴락을 데쓰 매치 레슬러로써 봐왔기에 이 경기에서의 그의 활약은 제 예상을 훨씬 넘나들었습니다. 로리 굴락은 그의 공격성을 잘 드러냈고 데이빗 스타는 적절한 시기에 악역적인 모습을 잘 보여줬습니다. 스타가 스트레이트자켓 져먼 슈플렉스로 승리했습니다.


4. AR Fox vs. Brian Fury

This is first time ever matchup. Brian Fury was on a winning streak before he faced Dijak at Americana '15. On the contrary, AR Fox suffered 2 straight defeats. AR Fox is heel but, crowd didn't really care about that. Crowds really loved him. It was unexpectedly real good match. There was a lot of good action with some cool sequence. Especially, missed kick exchange ended with AR Fox's superkick was really cool.And nice false finish was here. Surprisingly, Brian Fury got submission win. Brian Fury had nice momentum before going into TFT4. AR Fox needs to bounce back from this losing trend.


5. Round Robin #3 : Biff Busick vs. Timothy Thatcher

Slow start to the match. They were stalemate in the test of strength. Thatcher was starting to work Busick's arm. Busick was going to punish Thatcher's back. They kept the pace of this match pretty slow but, their exchange of mat wrestling was really smooth and grueling. Thatcher's arm work in this match was vicious. After Busick suplexing Thatcher, this match turned into hard hitting style. Busick is always superior to nearly any other opponents. As a result, Busick received Thatcher's tap out. My only complaint was Busick used his left arm too much even when he chocked Thatcher at the very finish of the match.


6. Round Robin #4 : Drew Gulak vs. Eddie Edwards

I'm surprised about this is first time singles encounter between these two. Becuase these two have great chemistry. They started off the match with some basic chain wrestling. Each used smart counter to their advantage. They traded long-term flow of the match. Both are aimed at each other's body part and their works were really great. Crowds were really into this match. Eddie Edwards ended the match in a brutal fashion by crazy cradle back to belly driver, powerbomb and boston crab with stomping to the head. It was just great match. Match of the night so far.


7. Team Fu*k Da Police(Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee) vs. Team TREMENDOUS(Bill Carr & Dan Barry)

Yes, this is the night of first-time-ever match up. Andrew Everett's Beyond Wrestling debut match. Everett and Trevor are brand new team compared to their opponent but, they are DDT4 2015 winner. Trevor Lee and Dan Barry did some comedic stuff in the early of the match. Bill Carr and Andrew Everett make some interesting moments to use their difference of size. It started got load of great action after insane diving sequence. During the last six minutes with incredible non-stop back and forth action, they showed great chemistry. Minute Men's interfrence isn't hurt the match. I thought Trevor Lee was highlight of this match. He did crazy springboard dive to use stage. Also he countered Bill Carr's bodyblock into Moonsault. This spot brought about "This is awesome" chant.


8. Ricochet vs. JT Dunn

Ricochet's Beyond Wrestling debut match. Also this continues the tradition of first-time-ever match up. JT Dunn is Beyond Wrestling regular guy. He participated mostly in tag matches with his partner Chris Hero which called as Death By Elbow. He had fantastic year with some good matches until that time. Fans were pretty anticipated about this match. As expected, it was really good back and forth match. It contains a lot of great action with especially amazing counters. However, Ricochet exposed another problem of his selling. I understand that he kicked out of Canadian destroyer. But, I just didn't like that he did nothern lights suplex-brainbuster combination move(which could be damaged to his neck) after that move. Ricochet is feel like US version of Kota Ibushi. They are damn sure great high-flyer and always had good to great matches. And they have something in common not in a good way is lack of selling.  


9. Round Robin #5 : Drew Gulak vs. Timothy Thatcher

This is their's fifth meeting. Thatcher had won only one match. Both are lost all matches in the earlier tonight. This is consolation final. Surprisingly it was really short. The match lasted under 3 minutes. They traded strikes and chain wrestling at a rapid pace. And suddenly Drew Glak hits piledriver and gets the win via kneebar. Yeah, If all 10 matches are lenthy, crowd should get tired. So, we need one or two shorter matches. I thought one of non-round robin matches should be short. It was pretty disappointed.


10. Round Robin #6 : Biff Busick vs. Eddie Edwards

They each won two matches. Therefore, this is the finals of 1st ever greatest rivals round robin. They started match so hot. Biff Busick hits half-nelson suplex in the opning minute. But, Edwards powerfully irish-whipped Busick not to the corner even to the outside. After that spot, Edwards keep throwing out Busick to the outside. Edwards bashed Busick at the outside. Busick hadn't enough energy to get back in the ring. His students keep helping him. Crowds were all into Busick and this drama. Busick used every ounce of energy and countered powerbomb into alabama slam to the corner! More back and forth action and strike exchanges were going on. Eventually, Busick won this tournament via submission!! This match really different from their previous matches. This match was more simple and dramatic.  I loved the moment when Busick's immediately gets up after getting german suplex. Because I always loved Busick's facial expression. It was another classic match of their great rivalry. Just perfect way to send Busick.



경기 후 뷰직과 에드워즈는 악수를 나누고 에드워즈는 뷰직을 안아줍니다. 뷰직이 마지막 스피치를 하고 스테이지 위로 가서 비욘드 레슬링의 해설자이자 프로모터인 드류 코데이로와 함께 관중들 위로 빠집니다! 뷰직과 코데이로를 넘기고 넘기는 관중들. 참으로 아름다운 장면입니다! 링으로 돌아온 뷰직. JT던과 리코셰가 뷰직을 목마 태워주네요. 빌 카와는 포옹하는 뷰직. 브라이언 퓨리, 티모씨 댓쳐와도 포옹하는 뷰직. AR 폭스와도 포옹을 나눕니다. 데이빗 스타와도 한 번 포옹하네요. 앤드류 에버렛과는 악수를 나눕니다. 그리고 그림 선물을 받고 스티브 위너에게서 GRRR 초대 우승자라는 문구가 적힌 야구점퍼를 받습니다. 많은 동료들의 뽀뽀까지 받으며 인디계를 떠나는 뷰직. WWE에서 더욱 빛날 수 있길 바랍니다!


It was unbelievable show. This show had purpose and that purpose is 100% accomplished. Busick conquered his greatest rivals in one night. This is the greatest way to send Busick to WWE. The whole moment after main event was just beautiful. Round Robin matches were good to great except one match. Non tournament matches were also good especially tag matches were really great. All in all, it is the best show of Beyond Wrestling history.