I think TNA IMPACT WRESTLING:LOCKDOWN edition was very fun 2 hours of wrestling. It was another easy to watch show. Each match had their own purpose. There were two matches that the heat didn't reach the momentum to have cage match, though. TNA surely advertised this show as feel like major show which is called "LOCKDOWN". All matches were solid to good except Odarg vs Drake and advertised matches were real good. Particularly, first-ever knockout lethal lockdown far exceeded my low expectation. Start of the match was Gail Kim vs. Jade and it was reasonable booking becuase these two Korean-related wrestlers are two of the best wrrestlers on the Knockout division. Velvet Sky and Rebel surprisingly showed good performances. I was really impressed by Rebe's flash of atheletism. She has great athletism ability to become a good wrestler. I hope she will improve as wrestler. Backstage promos, vignettes were really fun to watch. Decay commercial was just blast. I'm amazed at Lashley-Angle confrontation came off very well. Even they had a lot of good things on it, it was another 2 hour show. Still, there was a way to make this show better.

TNA is not running the company by season like Lucha Underground.(LU) LU don't need many major shows becuase each season isn't much long and the season finale show is inevitably their ultimate goal of the season and only major show. Basically, more time means more wrestling. WWE NXT is running only and hour show on a weekly basis. Their Takeover shows were all 2 hours of wrestling. Lucha Underground has another 1 hour weekly TV show. Their first-ever Ultima Lucha were divded by two parts with combined time of nearly 3 hours. TNA should have at least 3 hours for their big shows whether TV show or PPV. Becuase they have two-hours weekly show. But, TNA should have 3 hours for their major shows. They held major shows quarterly, but the problem is that fans don't really buy it. Length of time is really one of the important things of wrestling shows. Same time length like the other weekly tv shows for major show makes didn't seem to be special. 

Lack of time problem exposed in the first two matches. Beer Money vs. EY/Bram was rock solid. They are not just set the quality of the show but the energy. Very fast-paced physical battle. but the finish was too straight-forward. If they traded some nearfalls, it would be better. Tigre Uno vs. Trevor Lee had good back and forth actions and they did big awesome top of the cage dive spot. But, no live crowd got on their feet in this match. I think the reason is they hadn't proper time to build up this moment. It was rushed and just spot and spot with no real sequence. It was another pretty decent match between these two, though. Main Event was damn great and it is the best match of EC III vs Matt Hardy series. It was shorter one, though.

Plus, all cage matches concept isn't good for various reasons. First, this comcept makes limitations of booking for all matches on their own. Cage matches don't allow outside brawl, apron moved, dives etc. Diverse style of matches hugely reduced. Second, they unvoidably have matches which didn't have much tension to get the six sides of steel. Third, that is ruined big-match atmosphere of main event matches. Like WWE did with hell in a cell or elimination chamber, tna need to book six sides of steel for only main event level matches.

And I have not complained about Spud's heel turn, but I don't really like the way they did it. I thought Spud should turn on EC III not just in a evil way like they did but just for karma. Back in the days, EC III always mistreated his hired gun Tyrus and his only friend Spud. Spud was his biggest victim. Spud was even mocked with his faked speech after their historical hair vs. hair match. Spud's action should had better have done the way he let all his bitter feelings out to cost ECIII in this match. I immediately disappointed about the finish of the match after seeing Spud's smile and his sidekick-like action. I wish Spud just walked out with face of expressionless. One of the most over faces of this company became just silly sidekick again.

I know it is best show since POP TV era and they continue to deliver good character development for their some fresh faces like Mike Bennett and Decay. They are building up big matches properly with interesting storyline. Next week, we have Jimmy Havoc vs. Abyss, Angle vs. Roode and first-ever encounter between Galloway and Bennett. I'm already hyped up for next week show!