Beyond Wrestling "The Dream Left Behind" Review North America and UK Indy

Beyond Wrestling wrapped up not only their brilliant Fete Music era but fantastic 2015 to amazing show. They bring that great momentum from Fete Music to Arts at the Armory at Somerville. New era just started with stacked card. Frist half including the debut of Zack Sabre Jr. was better than second half because first half contains its main theme that TFT4 winners face their biggest challenge.

First, TFT4 tag tourney winners Da Hit Squad faced NXT regular guys Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. I didn't have much anticipation about this match because of Da Hit Squad's a bit dull movement due to their's old age. Surprisingly, Da Hit Squad's movement in this match was very fluid and smooth. Monsta Mack worked his asses off. Mack's second rope diving rana and sucide dive were unbelievable. Gargano and Ciampa was showing heelish antics in the middle of the match, which I was really enjoyed it. I think Ciampa and Gargano is always great act whatever they are face or heel. But, I prefer to their heel act. Final 7-8 minutes was just fantastic. There were some fantastic counters and innovative double team moves. It was best showing of Da Hit Squad since their return. Just an awesome tag match.

TFT4 singles winner Brian Fury wrestled against Zack Sabre Jr. These two just put on a wrestling clinic. Brian Fury isn't as popular as ZSJ but, he is already 10 years veteran. He have no problem to hang with a guy like ZSJ. As you'd expect, beautiful chain wrestling was early on. Strangle hold exchange and pinning combination was particularly fun. Brian Fury started to targeting Sabre's leg. On the contrary, ZSJ targeted Fury's arm. The match went along mostly on the ground while they mixed some big impact moves into this match very well. ZSJ is great as usual, but Fury escaped from ZSJ's sick submission with great counters like suplex into neckbreaker and powerbomb. The finish was just brilliant. Crowds was red hot for that finish. It is genuine MOTYC.

Undercard of the first half was mostly good, too. The show opened with big grudge cage match between JT Dunn and Joey Janela. This is reasonable booking to reduce actual running time of the show. JT Dunn wanted to kill Jenela at the last show but, that was stopped by his team-mate Chris Hero. Janela cost his match later that night. Janela has been driving JT Dunn nuts since his Beyond Wrestling debut. Dunn loses his temper, now. This is the match at highest intense level. They wasted no time to beat hell out of each other. There is no hesitation to kicking, elbow, throwing and suplex. I love this short-heighted cage which is able to do big spots at the top of the cage efficiently. Eric Corvis & Chris Hero did a great job on the commentary. Eventually, Janela was begging for Dunn's mercy. JT Dunn didn't killed him and just won the match. Both wrestlers put on a really great effort.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Ryan Galeone is basically David vs. Goliath what'd you expect. But it is actually better than I thought. While they did very good big vs. small dynamic here, both are really impressive. Ryan Galeone showed great athletic ability. Double jump springboard flip senton was just amazing to watch. Jonathan Gresham is one of the most underrated wrestlers. He can make good matches with anyone and he proved that again. If they didn't stupid interference finish, it would be better. The only below average match of this show was Riddle vs. O'Neil. Not really bad. They did decent back and forth action. But, not much of good transition or flow. The main purpose of the match is to establish Matt Riddle as heel.

Second half started with Anthony Palladino's ring announcing. He is son of Beyond Wrestling ring announcer Rich Palladino and it was his birthday gift! Crowds were really appreciated it. I love this moment that only wrestling can make. Second half was a bit less fun with questionable booking. Still, there were no bad matches. Travis "Air" Gordon and Shynron met in a high-flying affair. Their high flying moves were just crisp with some great counters. I want to see more of Gordon in the future.

Hero and Tremont put on a great performance here. Very good stiff and hard-hitting with no-sell match as you'd expect. It was a bit slow throughout, though. If you like this kind of match, it's yours. I always enjoyed this kind of action. I also appreciated that they didn't use too much no-sell things to build a drama until finishing stretch. Matt Tremont looked strong in defeat and proved again that he is pretty good wrestler. 

Crusade for Change won in a chaotic trios battle against Team Pazuzu. I'm curious about how they set the position. Now, it is crystal clear that Team Pazuzu is face and Crusade for change is heel. I throughly enjoyed non-stop action including multiple dives in the last 5-6 minutes but, the problem is that no one really stood out. Jaka is the only guy to get his moment to shine. Finish was pretty awkward.

AR Fox, who is on a losing streak, looked difficult to win again here, because it was submission match and his opponent is none other than submission specialist Tracy Williams, who had beaten him before. I usually don't like this stipulation. Surprisingly, it was really good. I felt it was a bit short. AR Fox didn't hurt this stipulation and they had great psychology. My only complain about this match was that too much escape from Tracy Williams' flurry of offense of AR Fox. How can he escaped from avalanche half nelson suplex, bloody sunday, piledriver and crossface combination. Actually, It should be the finish.

I'm kind of surprised that Kimber Lee finally defated Chris Dickinson in the tag team main event. Mixed matches always not only had good heat segment but, they had difficult time to elevate momentum of second half of the match. It was not much different until the last 5 minutes of the match. They picked up fast-paced ation with great nearfalls. Final 5 minutes were just great stuff. I'm glad to see finally Kimber Lee gets the pin from Dickinson. And Chris Dickinson is untouchable top heel in Beyond, so I like the fact that he got defeated in a tag match to protect him. But, I think it should be happen at Fete Finale. Callihan and Dickinson just reunited at the last show, but they are already losing the match. I don't know what they are going to be.

Beyond Wrestling put on a great show again with fantastic first hour matches and very good undercard matches throughout. Easy thumbs up.